Friday, October 29, 2010

No Purchase Necessary

That small print will get you every time. Mike and I went through the drive through at McDonald's and asked for a Monopoly game thingy. The sweet young thing at the window said, "You didn't buy any of the premium items, so you aren't entitled to a "no purchase necessary" Monopoly thingy.

We, as nicely as we could told, her we just read the sign, at the drive up ordering place, that the first three words under the Play Monopoly ad are "No Purchase Necessary." Poor girl, went back to the manager, who handed her a piece of paper. She, in turn, handed it to us.

In a size 7 font was the following:To receive a game piece without making a purchase, mail a legibly hand written, self-address stamped envelope (SASE) with sufficient postage and a return address (first and last name, street address, city, state and zip or postal code) to [address listed]. Do not send any... comments or questions to this address...

In even smaller print it reads: two game pieces (a total of 4 game stamps) will be mailed in response to each mail-in request that complies with the requirements of the official rules, while supplies last. Mail in requests including both outer envelope and SASE must be hand written. Outer envelope must include a return address in the upper left hand corner that matches the requestor's street address... and that's the simple directions. If you happen to live in Vermont, it is three times more complicated.

Then in all caps on the front side in large lettering is the pharse "No Purchase Necessary". I nearly peed my pants.

I just heard on Keith Olberman that Ohio McDonald's employees received a letter saying they had to vote republican... And they should, afterall, we need people in congress who are willing to keep the term, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY, mean the exact opposite.

I can't blame the folks at the store. They don't make the policy. And, It's not just McDonald's; it's generally accepted corporate policy to lie to those who enrich them.

Please vote in your own best interests on Tuesday, rather than voting to enrich the corporate giants.

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