Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm just like you... I don't think so!

Updated: 10-11-10, 3:45 pm

Christine O'Donnell's newest commercial says, “I am not a witch. I'm you... I'm just like you.” She's trying to separate herself from her Bill Maher moment when she said, on camera, that she dabbled in witchcraft. I'm not like her, I'm not a witch (apologies to witches).

This is the same Delaware Tea Party Republican Senatorial candidate, who said she has top secret information from Chinese missionaries, that China has a plan to overthrow the U.S. It would be rare indeed that missionaries would be privy to China's long term world domination “strategery” plans. I don't buy that.

O'Donnell believes that masturbation equals infidelity. Nope, I do not buy that either.

So, if O'Donnell is not me; who is she like? Well, this newest political ad did remind me of someone. Her name is Linda Tripp.

She also said “I'm just like you” during her 15 minutes of infamy. Linda was the phoniest of best friend to Monica Lewinsky, President Clinton's intern girlfriend.

Tripp befriended Lewinsky only to learn more about Lewinsky getting cozy from then President Clinton, and profit from it. She convinced Lewinsky that she was helping, supporting, and looking out for her (Lewinsky's) best interest. Tripp tape recorded all of Lewinsky's phone conversations, urged her to hold on to the “stained” dress (rather than sending it to the cleaners as Lewinsky planned) wore a wire, went shopping for a publisher, and had leading conversations with Lewinsky almost daily, among other offenses against human dignity. She committed the ultimate betrayal of friendship, and her actions were as flagrant as a school yard bully.

Clinton and Lewinsky behaved stupidly. Tripp behaved despicably. Among all the infidelities, tricks, manipulations and lies related to the matter by many people; Linda Tripp's lack of a moral compass was glaring.

The response to Tripp's unfaithful, duplicitous, and nonexistent friendship was swift, brutal and on target. After a few days of being hounded by the media, She made her, “I'm just like you” speech.

The overall amorality that O'Donnell and Tripp share is that they will do anything, and say anything, to get what they want. They are NOT like most people, who are decent, loyal, and truthful. I hope Delawareans will remember that on election day.

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