Saturday, March 21, 2009

Frida Kahlo

I hope for a happy exit and I hope never to come back.
--the last entry in the diary of Frida Kahlo, 1954

She too lived in pain because of disability. Someone once asked her what to do with her body after she died, she replied, "Burn it…I don't want to be buried. I have spent too much time lying down…Just burn it!"

Some days, I know just how she feels.


Anonymous said...

I saw your comment on another blog saying you and other disabled people (or whatever the PC word is these days) are offended by the word 'handicapped'? Really? I mean for christ sake, the 'special' parking spots are still called handicapped spots. Kind of hard to expect the word to be offensive then?

Although anyone who says cripple, bound, retarded, etc, and doesn't realize it, is, well, completely retarded. I can't imagine someone having an IQ above 75 thinking cripple isn't offensive lol.

I personally don't care about PC BS like you do and use all sorts of offensive words...however I wouldn't use them in front of people who most likely would be offended. I usually just use derogatory words online or around friends.

Also, what's your disability?

Ableize UK Disabled Blog said...

The very last comment made me laugh even though it was on the subject of deaf!

I Don't want to be burried, burm me I have spent enough time lying down' How true is that!

Ableize Disability blog said...

DOH, Sorry, meant DEATH not deaf!