Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Mr. President:

I am writing this letter for my sixteen month old granddaughter, Sabine. Some letters are still hard for her to write.

She’s very smart and , as is her mommy, Suzi (my daughter), despite the fact they called me at 5:15 AM because Sabine wanted me to write you immediately.

Apparently, Sabine and her Mommy were up late last night because molars make a sixteen month old mouth sore, and the rest of the body grumpy. Sabine said she was watching you on television; she thought you looked very nice.

However, she asked me to tell you that even though you were the “bestest” president of her whole life; she did not like your comments on Jay Leno about the Special Olympics.

Barak Obama talking to Jay Leno on his showFirst, she wanted me to let you know that in the Special Olympics, it does not matter what your score ends up being. What matters is that you tried your best. Trying is the most important part, especially if you are learning something new. Sabine says she’s trying to learn many new things and isn’t good at all of them yet, but she still enjoys trying.

Sabine says you have to be mentally ready for the game. So, if you tried your best, and still didn’t get a good score, unless you are proud of your efforts, then you are not even allowed to be a special Olympian. So, work on that. Be proud of your best. Sabine knows this because some of her friends and family members have disabilities.

Sabine said she knows you are very busy with two wars in the middle east, the second great depression, a banking crisis, possible past presidential war crimes, a shrinking economy, the lack of a cohesive health care plan, Veteran issues, and a crumbling infrastructure; however, she thinks you need to take a minute or two to talk to Sasha and Malia about this, just in case they got the wrong impression.

Lastly, Sabine wanted me to tell you that, just last night Grandma told her that humans are 99.9% the same, no matter how they look, or talk, or hear, or walk or think. Grandma told Sabine to judge a who might be person different from her, not by their bowling score, but by the content of their character.

Sabine (with Grandma's help)

P.S. Grandma wants me to tell you she also thinks you are the best president of her life and has hopes you will be the best in the life of our country too. Keep up the good work and watch your language. :)

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magitator said...

That Sabine is one heck of a bright Granddaughter. I hope her sentiments get thru to the President. He needs all the allies he can get and should open his mind to the points Sabine is trying to get him to see.

Anonymous said...

Damn Sabine! Oops, I shouldn't of cussed, but when you talk about crumbling infrastructure and a cohesive national health care plan I forget you're only 16 months old. President Obama seems to really respect the opinions of young people and he doesn't seem to fear change. I hope he listens to you - hell, he should put you on the payroll. Dammit! There I go cussing again. I'll try to clean my language for you to, Sabine.

Terri said...

Sabine has much wisdom for her tender age! I hope the president is listening.