Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rip Van Big Noise

This is the story of Rip Van Big Noise; with a question, not a moral at the end. It does not take place in the Catskills, but on the Midwest prairie. There are no games of ninepins. Instead, it was a game of medication fiddling. Mr. Van Winkle’s sleep lasted twenty years; mine, thank goodness, only lasted three days. Nevertheless, it does seem like I woke to a different world.

My doctor and I have a very good relationship. We work as a fairly well oiled machine. However, I have had a persistent issue where we have been unable to make significant progress—pain control.

I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and a small list of other maladies. It was our experimenting with pain control that caused me to lose half of this week.

Lyrica is the newest drug of choice for people with fibromyalgia. When I began having more pain, my Dr. suggested we try it. I was on it for about three months without much success; we doubled the dose. That caused my first bout of a week’s worth of semi-consciousness. I did not make the connection between the double dose and the increase of lethargy. It took a while, but my Dr. figured it out. Back on the original dosage, I woke up. Unfortunately, the pain returned. Honestly, I do not really know if it was really ever gone, it is hard to concentrate or assess when sleeping 24 hours a day.

Last week, he suggested we increase the dose by half, rather than double; that this in-between dose might give me relief and still function. No, I fell back into my semiconscious all-I-can-do-is-sleep mode. However, this time we knew why and I went back to the ineffective against pain dose.

My visit next week with him, we will most likely wean me off the Lyrica; which is fine with me. It would be nice to believe commercials. However, not all medications work for all people; and I guess I’m one of them when it comes to Lyrica. It is back to the drawing board for us.

If you consider a lifetime of days, three of them does not seem like a big deal. However, when I went to sleep, Bush was the still president, Blago-f-mouth was in the news daily, and Roland Burris was standing in the rain in DC. I woke up this morning to see President-Elect Obama’s train leave Philadelphia, Blagopottymouth seems to have disappeared, (when did he fire his attorney for the impeachment trial?) and Roland is now the Jr. Senator from Illinois. A lot can happen in three days!

What is the point of this blog? I do not want my two days of missed blogging to interfere with my 30 days, 30 blogs “New Year’s Revolution.” It would not be cheating, to extend it two days, would it? I was after all, sleeping off the effects of a powerful chemical agent. Rip van Winkle was a bit of a slacker; that’s not me (well not since college), is it?

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