Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh, Howe They Danced

Yesterday, Michael and I wrote a blog about the decision to postpone the vote on closing Howe Developmental Center. The Joint Commission stated the reasons they had to put off the vote, is because they were ass-deep in impeachment proceedings against Governor Rod Blagojevich.

But today, comes is the important work of inaugurating the new legislature. According to Capitol Fax, “House Speaker Michael J. Madigan warned yesterday that the chamber's official inaugural proceedings would last longer than expected because of the necessities of re-impeaching the governor and reestablishing the House's impeachment committee. “

They will make fast work of that though. Madigan said that only one representative from each side of the aisle will speak on the re-impeachment debate today, so the House swearing-in parties may not be postponed all that much. Lord no, we wouldn’t want to get in the way of the parties!

Here is how legislators plan to fill their day today; a day when they could be doing the state’s business and addressing the closure of Illinois' version of Gitmo.

Inauguration Party List

  • 1-3 pm: Inaugural Open House at the Capitol, State Treasurer Alex Giannoulias
  • 2-? pm: Rep. Lou Lang's reception at Catie Girls, St. Nicholas Hotel
  • 3-5 pm: Pasfield House, Honoring Christine Radogno, Senate Republican Leader
  • 3-5 pm Naperville Area Republican Women’s Organization invite you to join them in honoring new representatives Michael Connelly and Darlene Senger: Presidential Suite at the Hilton, Springfield
  • 3-6 pm: The Illinois Black Caucus reception at the Springfield Hilton Reception at the Grand Ballroom
  • 3-6pm: Senate President-Elect John J. Cullerton reception at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel, Grand Ballroom
  • 4-6pm: Emil Jones III Inauguration Reception at the Sangamo Club
  • 4-7pm: Reps. Raymond Poe and Rich Brauer will host a party at the Firefighters/Postal Lake Club
  • 4-7 pm and12am-2 am: The 1st bipartisan swearing-in reception at the Globe
  • 5-7 pm: House Republican Leader Tom Cross invites you to welcome the newest members of the House Republican Caucus: John Cavaletto, Michael Connelly, Kay Hatcher and Darlene Senger at the Hilton Springfield
  • 6- 9pm: Senator-Elect Dan Duffy reception at the Crowne Plaza, Winter Garden Room
  • 7-?pm: the Latino Caucus will hold its reception also at the Crowne Plaza

Do you think one of the revelers will think of the people at Howe who have been beaten, abused, ignored, or neglected to death while they swill wine and eat well-prepared gourmet food presented in pleasing arrangements on silver platters? Probably not.

But I will remember them. Join me, won’t you?
Let's change this. Call your Illinois legislator tomorrow and ask how he/she can justify the festivities, while prisoners at Howe Developmental Center’s very lives are threatened every day that Howe is open.

Also, get involved. Contact the Campaign for Real Choice, Chicago ADAPT, or your local center for independent living's Community Reintegration Program.

Let them feel the power of the Disability Vote!

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