Friday, January 9, 2009

Guest Blog

GUEST BLOG-by Magitator

My partner made a New Year’s “revolution” that she would blog every day for a month. She is making good on her vow. However, there are some drawbacks to her fulfilling her pledge.

First, a couple of disclaimers. She is an excellent blogger. She has important things to say and she is a talented communicator. I enjoy reading her columns!

Yet, I am begging you the public for some aid and assistance.

I told her that an executive director of a non profit advocacy organization asked me to ask her to take a day or two off because his staff was too busy reading and copying her writings that clients were not being served. “Aw…isn’t that touching…” and it is. To think that my partners’ writing is shutting down entire offices sure is flattering. So instead of having the desired affect of slowing her down, she now wants to increase her output so she can have the same affect on other offices. Perhaps, she thinks, if she writes enough, the entire non-profit industry will grind to a halt, bringing about the IWW dream of the general strike!

Well good for the proletariat and other oppressed and exploited. Where does all this agitation and propaganda leave me? Well I’ll tell you! I watched the entire University of FloridaOklahoma University football game without calling me to join her in bed. A first since we started living together 90 some odd years ago.

Please people—stop reading her blogs! She wont be missed for 1 evening will she? Besides you will be doing me a lot of good!


Big Noise said...

I'm going rogue later. I'll be back after I hear him snoring.

cripchick said...

this post brought a big to my face :)

Terri said...

Sorry, can't do it--addicted...