Monday, June 2, 2008

What Happened to Ricky

This video accompanies an article, written by Clare Ansberry, appeared in the Wall Street Journal, May 31, 2008. Read the article here. It's a very sad commentary on what has and is happening to people with disabilities.


Anonymous said...

I lived at several blind schools through my life. I started when I was four and a half. I know about institutional life. I was lucky enough to go to a decent blind school called Lavelle School for the blind. It was partly run by the Catholic church, but received federal funding as well. While I was sheltered their, and we had our own isolated little world, I was still able to see my family regularly, but because I was gone a lot it took me a much longer time to bond with my family than might have been. I try and think about those people who have formed lives and then suddenly have people coming in saying they're family, ETC. I can't Imagine how they feel, yet I think it is a good thing that families are seeking missing member out and including them again. I hear about discrimination about race or gender, or sexual orientations and think, have you ever had to be separated from your family, placed in special schools hundred of miles away, or into large institutions? Does your minority have a seventy percent unemployment rate? Not likely. So that's why people like you and I do what we do, to help even things out.


Glee said...

Despite such horrible institutionalisation this man managed to learn to function quite well. How much more capable might he have been if he had lived with his own family?

"They" diagnose us and condemn us still!

According to them I would be dead by now.

Parents please don't listen to them. Believe in your child and they will succeed as they are able.