Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dear Adam and Steve

Dear Adam and Steve (or Andrea and Eve),

Two down and forty-eight to go! Gosh, I hope it only gets easier for you to marry, as other states begin to recognize your equality of citizenship. We still have a way to go, don’t we? But, I want to celebrate with you tomorrow (Monday, June 16, 2008) as the second state in our Union begins celebrating your union.

I am livid, however, that it is taking so long. When I think of the touchstones of liberty and equality that anchor US principles, it seems we, as a nation, should be beyond this.

At first, liberty and equality applied only to white, land owning adult males. Through struggle, others began claiming the rights; and the promise of liberty and equality expanded (though not completely) to African-Americans, women, people with disabilities, the GLBTQ communities. You would think by now, our collective conscious would be raised to the point it would not have to be so hard to claim our promise.

It appears that some people need to think of themselves as superior to others. Zealots. People, who apparently hate the ideas of liberty and equality across the masses, maintain too tight a hold on civil law.

If some people’s religion makes them believe that marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman, the world is flat, or they did not descent from apes; they can have at it. Marry only men and women and sing your own tune. I do not care! Let religious institutions make its own rules; we call that religious freedom.

However, we live in a country bound by laws, not religious rule. If you disagree, move to some country that is proud to be a theocracy. Love it or leave it!

The California Supreme Court struck down some of the rationale for continued bigotry around gay marriage. I am hopeful that other states will do the same. The court said that civil unions and marriages are not separate and equal; they declared that a civil union is inherently unequal.

I suggest that if states do not want to acknowledge, accept, or perform gay marriages, they should not perform any marriages… period. Every couple in that state should have a civil union. If a state wants to perform marriages; then everyone in the state should have the right to be married. A land ruled by civil law should treat its citizens the same; We call that equality.

Anyway, I am writing to congratulate you on your upcoming nuptials. I wish I were there to share them with you. Unfortunately, I cannot travel that far with my limited vacation time.

My heart is happy. Mike and I share your joy. Be happy and live long in the glow of your love.

With love and affection,

P.S. Be sure to send me pictures!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

What Happened to Ricky

This video accompanies an article, written by Clare Ansberry, appeared in the Wall Street Journal, May 31, 2008. Read the article here. It's a very sad commentary on what has and is happening to people with disabilities.