Thursday, March 13, 2008

I’m Hillary Clinton -- And I Approved This Message…

On March 3rd, Wired Blog Network published the side by side pictures below. They are not-so-identical digital images of the same nationally televised moment. The occasion was the February 26th Democratic Debate on MSNBC in Cleveland.

The one on the left is an untouched MSNBC screen shot of the debate. On the right is the Clinton campaign’s screen shot of the same moment as it appears in one of her campaign ads. Obama is several shades darker in the campaign ad than he appeared in the debate and appears in real life. It’s clear the Clinton campaign wants to paint Senator Obama as the black candidate, rather than a formidable peer for the nomination. It started in South Carolina and continues today.

Earlier this week I wrote a piece about, what I perceive to be, the subtle racial overtones of Hillary’s 3:00 AM “Red Phone”. Subtlety just flew out the window.

I have created side-by-side pictures of Hillary at the debate (on the right). On the left, is a picture of Hillary in the same ad where she shows the “blacker” Obama. Hillary’s skin tone, despite poor lighting, is similar to her skin tone at the debate. If anything, it appears a little lighter.

Add to this, Geraldine Ferraro’s week of race baiting. She was Clinton’s “honorary” finance chairperson. All week Ferraro has heaved racially charged accusations that Obama is a candidate because of some Democratic affirmative action program. Forget the facts; that he leads in the delegate count, the popular vote, and the winner of more state primaries. She also claims she is the victim of reverse discrimination for uttering the initial racist claim. Clinton blew her opportunity to make a stand against racism.

Sadly, Hillary Clinton and her campaign does approve of the message.

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