Saturday, February 9, 2008


My favorite videos this week... maybe in a long long time.

I also appreciate his video on his disability rights including ADA restoration, Community Choice, and a number of other disability civil rights issues.


ms.cripchick said...

i think you might like this too:

william Peace said...

Yes, great video. Too bad Obama and every other candidate running for president does not think it is important to include disability access information on their respective websites concerning any upcoming events. Obama has a great position paper on disability rights on line but his support ends there.

Sarah Sherk said...

I noticed in the Health Care bill disabilities are not even mentioned. Maybe once.

Plus, once we are on Medicare or Medicaid, we will not be able to participate in the Health care exchange which would free us pre-existing condotion clause!

Plus- if you are eligible to be Dual Eligible you will have to be. That is what is so harsh, the forced poverty that comes with Medicaid.

Why do we think that is just the way it has to be?

Has anyone had to Spend Down out there and just did it? Just thought that is how it must be.

ALmost no other country makes people burn money in back yard for health care!

Other countries have disabled Savings Accounts and ways for disabled to avoid life long poverty just for health care.

Since when is health care a fair exchange for my house, my bank account, the inheritance money for the soul?! Medicine is not even as exact science and they have demanded all this of us?!

It is not right and we are not given the same rights as the "Abled." I think Obama really tried, but it is not possible.

Spend Down has to go and single payer is the only way to make sure we have fair access.