Saturday, November 3, 2007

We don’t…

We don’t torture.
We use waterboarding as a conversational tool,
An icebreaker, if you will.
We don’t torture.
So because we don’t torture,
Waterboarding is not torture… if you are our enemy.

We don’t discriminate.
We have more because you have a problem.
A personal failure, if you will.
So because we don’t discriminate,
You have to be inferior… if you are of color.

We don’t kill.
We assist people into the next world,
A right-to-die issue, if you will.
We don’t kill.
So because we don’t kill,
Assisted suicide is not killing…if you have a disability.

1 comment:

misscripchick said...

we aren't sexist.
we aren't racist.
we aren't ableist.
we aren't homophobic.

(okay...but your actions say otherwise.)

great post, cilla.