Thursday, November 8, 2007

Activism - The List

A while back I started keeping a list... a list of acts of activism. I promised myself that when I hit 100 I would publish them. If I read about some act in the newspaper, I wrote it down. If I participated in an event, I added it to the list. Little by little it started to grow; and today, I hit 100.

Activism is action on behalf of a cause, action that goes beyond what is conventional or routine. The action might be door-to-door canvassing, alternative radio, public meetings, rallies, or fasting. The cause might be women's rights, opposition to a factory, or world peace.

The above quote is from, "Activism, Social and Political." It is published in Gary L. Anderson and Kathryn G. Herr (eds.), Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice. I like it because it speaks to going beyond what is routine. To be a good activist, we must get outside our normal routine. No one ever created change by sitting back and watching.

I know there are more ways people can be activists. If you think of one, let me know. I'd love to add it to the list. But for now, here it is my list of ways to be an activist.

1. Act directly

2. Armed opposition

3. Attend a meeting

4. Ban something

5. Be controversial

6. Be militant

7. Be persuasive

8. Become rebellious

9. Be troublesome

10. Blockade

11. Blog on the Internet

12. Blow the whistle

13. Boycott economically

14. Build a website

15. Build community

16. Buy a billboard

17. Campaign

18. Canvass

19. Change expectations

20. Civil disobedience

21. Collaborate

22. Comment on editorials

23. Conduct a study

24. Debate

25. Demonstrate/protest

26. Design a poster

27. Distribute propaganda

28. Divest yourself

29. Draw a line in the sand

30. Empower others

31. Exhibit

32. Fill out a survey

33. Follow

34. Get out of the way

35. Go door-to-door

36. Guerrilla communication

37. Hacktivism

38. Have a memorial service

39. Hold a vigil

40. Hunger strike

41. Lead

42. Leaflet

43. Live Clean

44. Live Simply

45. Lobby

46. Make a call

47. Make a fuss

48. March

49. Mobilize support

50. Negotiate

51. Organize something

52. Parade

53. Participate

54. Pick a side

55. Picket

56. Plant an audience

57. Point to injustice

58. Practice pro-activity

59. Praise

60. Push

61. Question assumptions

62. Quote facts

63. Raise consciousness

64. Read about the subject/make yourself smarter

65. Recruit someone

66. Recycle

67. Reform a system

68. Reform your own behavior

69. Resolve a conflict

70. Revolt

71. Sabotage

72. Seek publicity

73. Send a check

74. Send an email/letter

75. Set an agenda

76. Set up an informational table

77. Sign petitions

78. Sing protest songs

79. Speak freely

80. Speak publicly

81. Sponsor a newspaper ad

82. Stage a sit-in

83. Stand on a soapbox

84. Start a riot

85. Stop cooperating

86. Strike

87. Subvert the paradigm

88. Support comrades

89. Support sympathetic candidates

90. Take a stand

91. Teach peace

92. Tell the truth

93. Theater for social change

94. Videotape

95. Volunteer

96. Vote

97. Wear a button

98. Witness silently

99. Work for judicial reform

100. Write a letter/manifesto/propaganda

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