Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Criste Reimer Update

I originally wrote about Criste Reimer on August 18, 2007. The day before, this article appeared in the Kansas City Star. I just found it today. Criste's mother, Delores McCandless paints a very different picture of her daughter's health than previously reported.

Mother Talks About Daughter Killed in Fall From Apartment Balcony
The Kansas City Star

The mother of Criste Reimer released several photographs of her daughter on Friday. They showed Reimer’s thin condition in April, left above, and how much weight she had gained by July before leaving her mother’s home. As the family of Criste Reimer began making funeral plans Friday, her mother recounted the last time she saw her daughter — just days before her death.

“Mother, I need to be here,” Dolores McCandless said her daughter told her as she was leaving her mother’s Wichita home a week ago today.

Reimer pounded the kitchen cabinet with her hand as emphasis, McCandless said.

Three days later, Reimer died in a fall from the balcony of the Country Club Plaza apartment she shared with her husband, Stanley Reimer, who is jailed on charges that he threw her to her death.

According to court documents, Stanley Reimer told Kansas City police that he walked with his wife out to the apartment balcony, kissed her and threw her over the railing about four stories to her death. He said that he was having “extreme financial difficulties” and could no longer care for her, the documents said.

McCandless said Friday that if Reimer was no longer able to help his seriously ill wife, she was more than happy to care for her daughter.

“She had a home here, and he knew it,” McCandless said. “She felt safe here.”

Reimer, who suffered a host of medical problems dating to childhood, lived with her mother from April until July, when Stanley Reimer said he was taking her out to dinner but instead took her to Kansas City, according to McCandless and other family members.

McCandless released several pictures of her daughter Friday that show her thin condition in April and how much weight she had gained by July before leaving her mother’s home.

“He wooed her out to dinner for their anniversary,” McCandless said.

Last Saturday was the first time McCandless had seen her daughter since July. She said her daughter’s part-time caregiver drove her to Wichita to pick up clothes.

Stanley Reimer is charged with second-degree murder and is being held on a $250,000 cash bond.

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