Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why We Fight

This piece is not finished, but I've been itching to get it up (more than any other entry for some strange reason), so I decided to put up the draft.

I recently saw the documentary, “Why We Fight”. It really helped me clarify what we are doing in the Middle East.

For over four years we the people, have pressured the White House for an exit strategy in Iraq. We ask for timetables. We want to know when the Iraqis will stand up. And for four years the answer is always the same. We will leave when the mission is completed.

The next logical question is, “what is our mission?” Responses are as muddy as the Mississippi. Bush says: the US and allies, “will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime; that time lines are just what the terrorists want; that we cannot cut and run; we must maintain maximum flexibility; and so it goes.

Why are we so dissatisfied with the answers? Because they just don’t make sense. The Bush Administration's explanation is unbelievable because they are running a hoax on the American people.

We don’t have an exit strategy, because Bush never planned to leave Iraq. We have successfully colonized the richest oil fields on the planet. We destabilized the entire region, making other colonization possible. Why would an oil man want to leave? It’s ridiculous to think we’re going. Stop asking when.

In 1992, Paul Wolfowitz, then the Under Secretary of Defense wrote Defense Planning Guidance. It's more often called, th Bush Doctrine. The plan calls for preemptive war and a spreading of our type of “democracy”. Think capitalism… it’s not about sprouting more democratic governments, it’s about expanding an economic system. Political and corporate agendas influence our decisions about war. It’s about making business bigger, profits larger. It’s manifest destiny.

“Why We Fight” does a first-rate job of explaining why American foreign policy is consumed by the idea of military superiority. It shows that government’s ambition is very different than the best interests of its citizens. It made me understand that there is a stated reason to go to war and a real reason. Seeing the movie forced me to confront this new brand of imperialism. I cannot justify or ignore it any longer.

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